Fox & Clover studio

My name is Sabrina and Fox & Clover is my studio. I create graphic works of glass with recycled glass and kiln-fired enamels.

I started my glass career working in very traditional stained glass. I did a yearlong apprentice-style education in Paris, France in 2005. Part of my education was the nearly-forgotten art of medieval kiln-fired glass enameling, where enamels are hand-painted onto glass then fired at 1300 degrees in a kiln. In 2007 I began to adapt glass enameling to jewelry and dishware. I discovered that this ancient technique fits gracefully into modern design.

I have a strong interest in sustainable design. My work is made of 100% reclaimed sheet glass. My jewelry is made of discarded picture frame glass and my dishware and decor is made of discarded windows. Unlike glass bottles, both these forms of sheet glass are not recycled by most municipal recycling programs and otherwise end up in landfills.


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  1. 1 shelly grossman March 3, 2010 at 2:53 am


    i am Style Editor at, an online trade show connecting designers with buyers and boutiques from around the world.
    i would love to invite you to showcase your wonderful collection on Erayo as a free trial.
    please contact me for more info.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



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